Riachy: We are en route to modernizing Information Ministry

Tue 17 Apr 2018 at 12:47 Politics

NNA - Information Minister Melhem Riachy said that he plans to modernize the Ministry of Information and privatize some of its departments.

The minister delivered a speech at a dinner organized under his patronage by the French department of "Radio Liban", in the presence of several diplomatic figures, including the ambassadors of Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia and Uruguay, and the representative of the Ambassador of France.

Riachy commended the work of Radio Liban's French department, calling for strengthening Francophonie and disseminating English-language programs.

Deploring the current stage of ethical challenges, the minister said that Radio Lebanon promotes ethics and spreads culture, armed with its long experience in the field.

Regarding the situation of MoI employees, Minister Riachy announced that he had signed the ministry's new structure and the bill on the amendment of the name of the Ministry to become that of Communication and Dialogue.

According to his remarks, things are moving towards the modernization of the ministry and the privatization of some of its departments.

"The majority of the ministry's staff is elite in the field (...) and this ministry will soon develop the Lebanese state by becoming a mediator and a focal point for local, regional and international dialogue," Riachy concluded.

           =========Daisy Khalil

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