Riachy: Ministry's new structure is all set

Mon 16 Apr 2018 at 15:53 Politics

NNA - Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, met on Monday at his ministerial office with representatives of all state institutions, to discuss the special application on smart phones "In the Hands of Officials" designed to follow up on citizens affairs.

"We are in the process of accomplishing the project of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Dialogue," Minister Riachy said, announcing that the Ministry's new structure is all set.

Riachy disclosed that the novel project will be sent within days to the Council of Ministers, saying the Ministry's new structure includes a special unit concerned with communication, dialogue and modern media.

The Minister revealed that an agreement has been conducted with the Lebanese company "Eye-Police", with the new application to be implemented via the National News Agency, pending completion of the Ministry's structure.

"The Ministry will follow up via this application complaints forwarded by citizens to be referred later to the concerned ministries," he corroborated.

He continued to say that this network will facilitate the work of ministries and serve citizens by appropriate means.

"Communication between the concerned state institution or authority with citizens shall be held via the Ministry of Information," he said.

"This shall increase citizens' faith in their state," Riachy concluded.

================= Lina Younis

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