Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sun 15 Apr 2018 at 16:01 Agenda

Time Topic

9:30 Extraordinary session by the Association of Full-time Professors at the Lebanese University to follow-up on the recommendation adopted by the Council of Delegates, taking place at the Association headquarters in Bir Hassan, Beirut

9:45 2018 Army Football Tournament Finals under the patronage of Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, at Al Ahed Sports Club Stadium - Airport Highway

10:00 Military maneuvers conducted by the Internal Security Forces, in cooperation with the Army Air Force, on the Lebanese-Canadian University Campus in Aintoura, Kesrwan

10:00 Algerian Embassy receives condolences over the victims of the military plane crash at its headquarters in Jnah (facing Kempinski Summerland Hotel) until 4:00 p.m.

10:00 Job Fair patronized by Labor Minister Mohamad Kabbara organized by Beirut Arab University at its Beirut Campus

11:00 Press conference by Youth and Sports Minister Mohammad Fneish to announce the completion and launching of the first phase of the Ministry's e-services and mechanization project

11:00 Press conference to announce the Conference on "Family Protection: Reconciliation and Mediation" by Head of the Episcopal Committee for Media, Archbishop Boulos Matar, at the Catholic Media Center in Jal El Dib

12:00 Press conference by Economy and Trade Minister Raed Khoury to announce the decision to implement the contract renewal guarantee for medical and hospitalization insurance at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut

12:00 Launching of the Press Studio by the Press Club, in cooperation with Touch, under the patronage of Information Minister Melhem Riachi and Tele-Communication Minister Jamal Jarrah at the Press Club headquarters in Chevrolet area

12:30 Press conference by the "Samir Kassir Foundation" to launch the tenth edition of the Beirut Spring Festival in commemoration of the assassination of Martyr Samir Kassir, under the patronage of Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, taking place at the Ministry of Culture in Hamra

13:00 Justice Minister Selim Jreissati meets with President of the International Tribunal for Lebanon (IFL) Ivana Herdikova, Vice-President Judge Ralph Riachi and a Court delegation at his Ministry Office

13:00 Press conference by Information Minister Melhem Riachi to launch the film project entitled, "ELISSA - Europa's daughter - Queen of Tyre and Carthage", produced by Lebanese Arts and Media Production (LAM), in presence of Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury and Tourism Minister Avadis Kidanian at the Information Ministry's Press Hall

16:00 Honorary ceremony dedicated to leading Activist May Wahab Bou Hamdan, under the patronage of Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, at the invitation of the Lebanese Media Foundation - Pioneers from Lebanon Committee, taking place at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut

18:00 Interview with Researcher Abdul-Hussein Kamel Mroueh at the invitation of the Center for Civilization of Islamic Thought and the Cultural Dialogue Forum on "The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Technological Revolution: Between Opportunities, Challenges and Future Implications", taking place at the lecture hall of the Center of Civilization (Mammia Building, 5th Floor, New Airport Road, behind Fantasy World)

18:30 Launching of the Anwar Salman Prize for Creativity at the invitation of the Anwar Salman Cultural Foundation, taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut

18:30 Book signing ceremony of Talal Mortada's new novel, "Ambush", at the invitation of the Cultural Movement in Lebanon and Hawass Association, taking place at Hawas Haret Hreik Center in Beirut's Southern Suburb region

19:00 Supportive march in commemoration of the 25th foundation anniversary of the Lebanese Hemophilia Association, setting out from the Beirut Municipality in the direction of the clock in Nejmeh Square - Downtown Beirut

==================Roula Sharrouf

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