Assad stresses importance of intensifying efforts in pursuit of preserving unity of region countries

Wed 14 Mar 2018 at 17:31 Regional

NNA - Syria's President Bashar al-Assad received on Wednesday Faleh al-Fayad, the National Security Advisor and Envoy of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Al-Fayad conveyed to President al-Assad an oral message from al-Abadi in which he affirmed the importance of enhancing cooperation and coordination between the two brotherly countries in all fields, especially in the political and security sides in light of the critical conditions taking place in the region.

President al-Assad, in turn, said that despite the great achievements in the war on terror by both Syria and Iraq, the United States, its allies and agents in the region have not given up their plots in attempts to weaken and divide the countries of the region by continuing to provide material support and political cover to terrorist organizations.

The President added that this matter requires intensifying and unifying the efforts of the countries that stand in the face of those schemes and seek to maintain their unity and restore security and stability to the region.

For his part, al-Fayad expressed confidence that going ahead in the war on terrorism by people of the two countries along with preserving the unity and sovereignty of Syria and Iraq constitute the cornerstone for restoring stability of the whole region.--SANA News Agency

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