Pharaon: Alliances in Beirut's First District not finalized

Sun 25 Feb 2018 at 17:51 Politics

NNA - State Minister for Planning Michel Pharaon confirmed in a statement on Sunday that "the parliamentary elections will take place on time despite all talk about the possibility of war on our borders," adding that alliances in Beirut's first district have not yet been finalized.

Pharaon disclosed that the electoral list to be formed with both the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb Parties would be based on the constants and principles of March 14.

He added that contacts are underway with the various constituents of March 14, especially the Lebanese Forces and Future Movement, while contacts with the remaining political forces fall within the context of the general debate in the country.

"The new electoral law allows some candidates to win through their supporters' votes, regardless of the electoral alliances," explained Pharaon.

"The results of the upcoming elections should be accepted as they come out, since the democratic process in Lebanon is essential," he added.

Over the State's annual budget, Pharaon deemed that its endorsement is an obvious matter, noting, however, that the current stage we are in is due to the State budget's absence for more than 10 years and the failure to implement the visions and reforms that were agreed upon during the Paris-3 Conference.

Consequently, he called herein for "addressing the political causes that led over the past years to the accumulation of public debts," while warning of "the critical financial situation because of the disruption of all investments since 2012."

Pharaon also called for the activation of the law that was passed on September 8 last year regarding the partnership between the public and private sectors, as a first step before going to the Cedar Conference in Paris.

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