International Tribunal for Lebanon holds its closing session

Wed 14 Feb 2018 at 18:34 International

NNA - The final session of the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon convened Wednesday under the headline, "A Closer Look at the Work of the International Tribunal for Lebanon", in which Tribunal President, Judge Evana Herdlshkova, the Court's General Prosecutor, Judge Norman Farrell, Deputy Chief-of-Defense Helen Uniak and Secretary Darrell Mondes participated.

"This is the first court of its kind set up at the request of the Lebanese government in 2007," said Herdlshkova, thanking journalists for their essential role in portraying the truth of the tribunal's work for the sake of achieving justice for Lebanon.

Farrell, in turn, expressed appreciation to journalists for their "important role" and thanked the Head of the Defense Office for his participation via Skype in presenting the case to the court for justice.

"I have completed my work in claiming this case and the matter has become in the hands of the Defense team. We provided about 181 witnesses and 2,470 documents and evidence...Had it not been for the courage of the witnesses, we would not have reached this stage...I would also like to point out that the court will not try parties, institutions or states, but only individuals. I am committed to the Prosecution's point of view and the Defense team must present its theory," Farrell stated.

For his part, Mondes spoke about his responsibility, both administratively and logistically, for the functioning of the court, referring to cooperation with countries, the budget of the court and the reflection of the court's judgment on Lebanon and the Lebanese people, who have their hopes pinned on the achievement of justice.

He pointed to the participation of students and professors from the Lebanese University in attending the court sessions, thanking them for their "role and participation in the work of a number of Lebanese institutions," noting that "the court has more than 16 percent of its employees being Lebanese."

In a final word by the Tribunal's Defense Office Head, Francois Roux, he said, "I will be transparent with you, for unfortunately I will leave my position as Chief of the Defense Counsel Office on September 28."

"I have been in this post since 2009," he added, referring to his career in the Defense Office and the connection that developed between the Defense Office and the Lebanese Bar Association, and thanking his colleagues at the Lebanese Government and Bar Association.

"Lebanon can be proud...This court will serve as a model for many trials in the world, and the Defense Office has played a huge role for the good conduct of justice," Roux concluded.

An open dialogue with journalists followed the Tribunal's closing session.

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