Kanaan after Change and Reform meeting: To finalize 2018 state budget

Tue 13 Feb 2018 at 20:10 Politics

NNA - MP Ibrahim Kanaan on Tuesday reiterated calls to settle on the 2018 state budget bill and forward it for endorsement, stressing that the Free Patriotic Movement will mobilize on the governmental and parliamentary levels to help achieve that goal.

"The Change and Reform bloc renews its position calling to refer the budget (...) As a parliamentary and ministerial bloc, we have our ways to deal with the issue through pressure first, and mobilization inside the government and the Parliament," Kanaan said following the bloc's weekly meeting.

According to Kanaan, talks touched on the looming international conferences in support for Lebanon.

"As Lebanese, we are asked to shoulder our responsibility and to devise our vision through a budget that tackles all issues, concerns, and the reforms we agreed upon in 2017," he said.

Moreover, the bloc shone light on the Syrian refugees' issue, urging the state to adopt a serious and clear plan to end the crisis.


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