Riachy partakes in Tele Liban Directors' Council meeting

Tue 13 Feb 2018 at 15:51 Politics
NNA - Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, took part on Tuesday in Tele Liban Directors Council's weekly meeting during which he implored the Council of Ministers to place the TV channel's dossier on the agenda of the forthcoming cabinet session.

Moreover, the Minister confirmed that the appointment of a new administrative council had nothing to do with the nature of relations with the Free Patriotic Movement.

"I have never dealt with this issue from a political perspective," the Minister confirmed.

The TL Directors' Council gave a briefing to the Minister on the situation of the institution at the absence of an administrative council.

Following the meeting, Riachy said that he was keen on forming a Directors' Council in a bid to mitigate the escalating tension at the absence of the much-needed appointments by the council of ministers for almost nine months.

"We're hoping that Tele Liban will rank among the first TV channels within the first 16 months after the appointment of a new administrative council," Riachy added.


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