News agency directors sign content promotion declaration in Dubai, highlight importance of 2018 World Government Summit

Tue 13 Feb 2018 at 15:47 Politics

NNA - Directors of news agencies participating in the World Government Summit held in Dubai from February 11 to 13 have signed a news agency declaration on the promotion of media content.

The document was signed by directors of 12 news agencies, with Director of the National News Agency, Laure Sleiman, representing Lebanon.

The Declaration read: "We as representatives of news agencies participating in the World Government Summit, (...) in recognition of the importance of the core themes of the Summit and the need to raise global awareness, in recognition of the importance of the media message and its role, and in recognition of our responsibilities and duties towards the society, its institutions and its members, and the media profession, have decided to sign the declaration of news agencies for the 2018 government summit in accordance with the following principles:

First: To underline the importance of the 2018 World Summit and the key themes it has discussed in shaping the future of the world, and the role of the media in developing its tools by providing technologies and innovations that support the media content industry for the benefit of humanity.

Second: The signatories to the declaration believe that the outcomes and recommendations of the Global Dialogue for Happiness of the 2018 World Summit deserve continuous media attention that highlights their role in striking a balance between accelerated technological development and attention to human happiness and well-being.

Third: We agreed to enhance the media content associated with artificial intelligence and to use media tools so as to elevate the level of this content and highlight the global successes in the use of artificial intelligence at the service of humanity.

Fourth: To develop an integrated media system to deal with issues of climate change and reduce its negative impacts on the natural resources of future generations, and advocate adoption of green technologies in various fields, especially clean and renewable energy, while raising awareness among all members of the society over environmental issues.

Fifth: To highlight all global efforts in the area of space settlement and the latest developments in space research around the world, and the development of space technologies on Earth, and to highlight the role of space science in facilitating knowledge of the universe, understanding its laws and mechanisms, and answering fundamental questions about its nature.

Sixth: To support youth issues in various aspects and push towards enhancing their participation in decision-making and drawing future plans, and addressing them in language and media content commensurate with the nature of their aspirations and ways of thinking."


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