Canadian official welcome of Hassan Diab's release

Sat 13 Jan 2018 at 18:26 International

NNA - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, expressed Saturday his pleasure at the French judicial system's decision to release the Lebanese Canadian Hassan Diab.

"The government has followed-up on this dossier with great interest from the very beginning," Canadian Foreign Minister Spokesperson said.

"Diplomats have provided assistance to Diab throughout his detention in France and are ready to help him return to Canada," she added.

On the other hand, French Defense Lawyer Don Payne expressed his conviction that "the prosecution will appeal the sentence because of the tightening of French laws against anyone accused of terrorism."

He disclosed that "Hassan Diab is not yet in full freedom and is currently unable to travel to Canada and meet with his family in Ottawa."

"I am convinced that his name is on the list of those prohibited from traveling," he asserted.

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