Aoun: No protection for anyone concerning scourge of drugs

Fri 12 Jan 2018 at 15:56 Politics

NNA - President of the Republic Michel Aoun on Friday underlined that "there is no protection for anyone concerning the scourge of drugs," stressing that punishment shall entail all perpetrators, whether drug dealers or their protectors.

President Aoun was speaking in front of a delegation of the "J.A.D- Youth against Drugs" Association, led by Joseph Al-Hawat, who called on the President this morning at the Baabda palace.

The delegation briefed the President on the Association's activities in terms of drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation as well as related awareness campaigns and programs.

Aoun noted that the number of the victims of drug addiction exceeds that of the victims of war in the world, pointing out that despite the expansion of drug trade, Lebanon now possesses the latest equipment to control drug smuggling.

The President hailed the efforts of all the security forces, the army, ISF, and State Security, in combating in drying up drug resources.

On the other hand, Aoun held a series of political and developmental meetings. In this regard, the President met respectively with a delegation of Zahle City and Keserwan-Ftoh MP Dr. Youssef Khalil and his brother Poet Elias Khalil, President of the "Waad" Party head, Joe Hobeika, and ISF former chief Ibrahim Basbous.

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