Minister of Environment: Administrative decentralization to be adopted in implementation of waste plan

Fri 12 Jan 2018 at 12:19 Economy

NNA - Minister of Environment, Tarek Al-Khatib, said at a press conference that "administrative decentralization will be adopted while implementing the waste plan, on the basis of making local administrations responsible for the treatment of waste."

"The goal is not to have waste back in the streets, next to the rehabilitation of the Quarantina and Amrousiyeh plans," he said.

"We are seeking with this waste plan to provide a sustainable solution in terms of solid waste treatment," the minister stressed.

"We will send to the municipalities a detailed message explaining the mechanism of waste treatment. Besides, a joint committee between the public and private sectors will be formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Environment."

He revealed that he had asked the Cabinet to publish a summary of the executive policy of the waste plan in the Official Gazette so that the citizens could be more informed thereon.

Khatib stressed that "the work of waste treatment companies is subject to the supervision of the MoE," noting that "municipalities have the right to choose the technology they want, and we will supervise that from an environmental point of view."

"Thermal disintegration is a technique adopted in all countries of the world and it has its own conditions," he said.
"We will not accept the adoption of any technology before conducting an environmental impact study for it. We will set a time limit for the municipalities to make their own choices regarding the treatment of their waste," the minister concluded.


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