Cabinet approves expansion of Costa Brava landfill

Thu 11 Jan 2018 at 18:25 Politics

NNA - The Cabinet convened in session this Thursday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with main items on the agenda being to find interim and final solutions to the issue of waste, and address the electricity dossier.

Minister Jean Ogassapain, who read the session's decisions, said that Premier Hariri had stressed that the government succeeded in the adoption of a new electoral law, and this is a major achievement. "But there are some reforms and items that remain a subject of discussion between different ministers and political forces."

On the matter of landfills, the cabinet has decided the following:

- Approve the proposal of the Council for Development and Reconstruction to expand the Al-Ghadeer landfill, ie the Costa Brava, according to the attached data and maps.

- Approve the proposals of the Council for Development and Reconstruction concerning the development of the sorting plants in Al-Amrousiye and Quarantina.

- Approval the inclusion of the districts of Shouf and Aley to the scope of this interim plan.

- Emphasize the disbursement of financial incentives to the municipalities concerned, ie surrounding the landfill.

On the issue of the present landfill in Tripoli, the Cabinet agreed on the following:

- Develop a sanitary landfill alongside the present landfill according to the s study submitted to the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

- Immediately thereafter proceed to the closure and rehabilitation of the present landfill in accordance with the proposal of the Council for Development and Reconstruction.

According to Ogassapian, Prime Minister Hariri also told the Council of Ministers that Lebanon will be hosting the 2019 Arab Summit.


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