Riachy inaugurates conference on media in Arab world, ups calls for dialogue

Thu 11 Jan 2018 at 12:31 Politics

NNA - Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, inaugurated on Thursday a conference on the  status of media in the Arab world today titled “Media on the Move in the Arab World Today”organized by the state-run National News Agency and the Swedish Institute Alexandria.

"The Media is the language of our age; it is the real nuclear language required to build new human beings that could fit well in our era," the Information Minister said in a speech he gave marking the occasion.

On the other hand, the Minister highlighted the paramount importance of dialogue in today's world, deeming it a courageous tool that entails the equal efforts of two sides en route to common grounds and rules.

"In the East, we lack the concepts of dialogue and the basic principles of any religion or ethnicity," Riachy added.

"The demonization of Muslims requires of us orientalists to rectify this image so as to halt misleading attempts (...) I am an eastern Christian living with Muslims; we know each other so very well and host one another in each other's homes," Riachy explained.

"I have to explain to the west how I view Muslims and to present the truth of our east through media dialogue. We have to reflect the best image of our East, which awaits a new phase of resurrection after the turmoil it had endured," Riachy added.

The Minister also pushed for "real dialogue with the west and within the east on human rights, as well as on the wealth of the region that's being looted." He also underlined the need to tackle media infiltration, and the misguidance of eastern citizens.

"We have to define our main issues that are in great need of dialogue," Riachy stressed.

Touching on Al-Quds ordeal, the Minister stepped up calls for action and dialogue with the west rather than sticking to verbal acts of solidarity.

"The media must be fully in the service of dialogue and confrontation," he asserted.

The Minister finally promised that his new Information Ministry's structure, which is based on Communication and Dialogue, would see the light soon.


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