Voice of Abeer Nehme echoes in Occupied Palestine: A Message of peace from Beirut to Bethlehem

Sat 02 Dec 2017 at 18:38 Entertainment
NNA - After a world tour with the most important Philharmonic Orchestras in the most prestigious theaters in Paris, New York, Brussels, Montreal, Stockholm, Dubai and Kuwait, Abeer Nehme's voice has reached Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, where she will sing and chant via satellite this evening before lighting up the Christmas tree, under the headline, "Message of Peace from Beirut to Bethlehem".

Nehme wished to participate in this religious and national event, via a video broadcast directly from Sweden, where she is today to celebrate the birth of Christ at the invitation of the Bethlehem Municipality, to affirm that Palestine is Arab and will remain Arab. She wished to emphasize also that Lebanon and its artists and people reject what the Palestinian people are exposed to, from injustice to oppression, displacement and change of history by the Israeli occupation.

"Today I have a dream that my voice will be heard in Bethlehem, and this is a great pride. I am not with you, but every corner of my heart is with you," said Nehme addressing the Palestinian people.

"Today I bring a message of hope and determination, regardless of the borders and walls and the roads between us. The greatest love is that which was born in the land of peace in Bethlehem more than 2018 years ago. Here is Palestine, the land of the people I love...Hhere is the family of Jesus in Bethlehem, the family of Jesus in Beloved Palestine, Palestine the great wound and the great promise to return," she added.

Nehme will sing Arabic and Syriac hymns such as "Ya Mariam al-Bakr" for 6 minutes before the tree is lit. The event is attended annually by artists and clerics from around the world, an event covered by international media.

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