(*) Hariri from House of Center: I shall stay and continue with you, so we can be the defense line for Lebanon, its stability and Arabism

Wed 22 Nov 2017 at 15:10 Politics
NNA - "I shall remain and continue with you, so we can be the line of defense for Lebanon, its stability and Arabism," said Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday, addressing a crowd of supporters and citizens who gathered outside to greet their Prime Minister and welcome him back home.

"Meeting with loved ones and comrades and one's real people is called a moment of loyalty because you teach the world loyalty. This is a moment of truth with you; this is a moment of history and geography, this is a moment of Saad Rafic Hariri's heart...who stands amongst you and for you, to summarize everything in one word: thank you, thank you and thank you!" said the Prime Minister in a sincere and touching gesture of gratitude to the Lebanese.

"I thank all of you, every Lebanese man and Lebanese woman, for understanding the importance of preserving our country's stability and safety of our people in all of Lebanon. I shall say to you, thank God for the safety of Lebanon; thank God for Lebanon and the Lebanese. I will stay and continue with you...We will pursue together being the line of defense for Lebanon and its stability and Arabism," added Hariri reassuringly.

"You will see me in Akkar, Minnieh, Dinnieh, Tripoli, Qalamoun, and all the North, in the Bekaa, all the Bekaa, in Sidon, in the South, the entire South, in the Iqlim, the Shouf, and Mount Lebanon, all over Mount Lebanon...to defend our country, its freedom, its Arabism and its stability," Hariri went on to assert.

"You are at home, at the House of Center...We are people of the center, people of moderation and stability...We have nothing more precious than our country; our principle never changes and our motto remains: Lebanon First!" concluded the Prime Minister.

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