(Update) Bassil from Germany: Hariri is a moderate Lebanese partner

Thu 16 Nov 2017 at 19:49 Politics

NNA - Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, described PM Saad Hariri as a genuine and moderate Lebanese partner who promotes moderation in Lebanon and the entire world.

"PM Saad Hariri should be supported rather than stood against," Minister Bassil said on Thursday during a joint press conference he held with his German counterpart, Sigmar Gabriel, in the wake of their talks in Berlin.

Bassil underlined the paramount importance of supporting Hariri since, as he said, standing against him leads to the promotion of extremist ideas which both Europe and Lebanon suffer from and might lead to the tampering of stability in Lebanon.

The Minister said that he carried with him "a message of peace and love" to the German state from the Lebanese people who constantly refuse to interfere in the affairs of others and refrain from aggressing or assaulting anyone.

Bassil noted that Lebanon's policy is crystal clear in this regard, notably sticking to dissociating Lebanon from external problems and non-interfering in the affairs of others. "We also reject any interference in our internal affairs," he added.

Bassil also stressed that Lebanon should be free to determine its internal track, stressing that any external political aggression against Lebanon would have counter effects.

The Minister also hailed the great unity and wisdom demonstrated by the Lebanese so far in dealing with the current crisis, saying "we are awaiting the return of our PM Saad Hariri to his country so that he carries out what he deems necessary."

He underlined that freedom in Lebanon is safeguarded with all free to adopt their political decisions on their own, without dictations from outside.

Gabriel, for his part, welcomed French President's invitation to PM Saad Hariri to visit France, and he stressed Germany's keenness on the unity and stability of Lebanon.

"We stand beside Lebanon and all those who want to preserve the unity and sovereignty of the country," he said, adding that stability falls in the interest of the entire region.

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