Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tue 14 Nov 2017 at 16:32 Agenda

Time        Topic

9:00        Seminar on securing humanitarian transition and the related ethics in Lebanon, organized by the French Red Cross Fund, the Lebanese Red Cross, and Saint Joseph University (USJ), with the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, with the participation of French Ambassador to Lebanon Bruno Foucher and Justice Minister Salim Jreissati, at USJ’s Human Sciences Campus, Damascus Road.

9:30        “Beirut Bio” 7th conference for immunity and cancer sciences, upon the invitation of the Lebanese University, under the auspices of President of the republic Michel Aoun, at the LU’S Hadat campus.

Schedule of the House committees’ sessions:

10:30       Session for the Finance and Budget committee, chaired by MP Ibrahim Kanaan

11:00       Session for sub-committee derived from the Public Works and Energy committee, chaired by MP Mohammad Hajjar

14:00       Session for the sub-committee derived from the Administration and Justice committee, chaired by MP Ghassan Mkhaiber.

15:00       Conference held by the Moroccan Ambassador to Lebanon on the changes in Morocco, at Beirut Arab University.

20:00       Annual dinner banquet for the syndicate of workers in the audio-visual media sector, under the auspices of Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, at al-Nakheel Restaurant, Dbayeh.


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