Hariri chairs Cabinet session: Saudi Arabia is keen on stability

Thu 02 Nov 2017 at 17:39 Politics
NNA - The Council of Ministers on Thursday met in a regular session at the Grand Serail, presided over by Prime Minister, Saad Hariri.

At the end of the meeting, Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, read the following official statement: "The Council of Ministers held an ordinary session at the Grand Serail chaired by Prime Minister Saad Hariri and approved the agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Hariri talked about his visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, saying "Saudi Arabia is very keen on stability in Lebanon and all that is mentioned in the media otherwise is not true."

The Council then approved the agenda, most notably electricity via wind power in Akkar area."

Question: Was there a heated debate between ministers Machnouk and Bassil?

Riachy: There was no heated debate, but discussion took place over some items related to the permits granted to municipalities on granting building permits of 150 meters.

Question: Is it true that you objected that the Lebanese Ambassador takes his post in Damascus and submits his credentials?

Riachy: Now I am talking in the name of the government and I will answer the question later on. The debate was about whether the Ambassador should submit his credentials or not and some ministers including those of the Lebanese Forces objected the submission of his credentials in these circumstances. They called for waiting until a solution was reached between Syria and the Arab League because many appointed Ambassadors in Syria did not submit their credentials until now.

Question: Were the names of the Ambassadors to Argentina and the Vatican switched?

Riachy: This issue has not been resolved yet but will be soon.

Question: What about the appointments in Tele Liban?
Riachy: This issue was not on the agenda.

As for the postponement of the meeting of the electoral law committee, Riachy said that postponement was for technical reasons and the committee will hold a meeting tomorrow.


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