EU promotes democracy and human rights: USJ launches a new EUfunded master programme

Fri 27 Oct 2017 at 15:03 Education & Culture

NNA - The Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University launched today the Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights, a programme funded by the European Union. The event was held in the presence of HE Minister of Education and Higher Education Marwan Hamade and Ambassador Christina Lassen, Head of the Delegation of the European Union.

The Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights is part of a Global Campus of seven regional masters advancing the topic of human rights with EU support. It brings together four prominent universities: the University of Carthage (Tunis), the International University of Rabat (Morocco), the University of Birzeit (Palestine), Saint-Joseph University (Beirut). It will seek to expand the programme to other universities in the region.

The Arab Master is designed to meet the needs of students, professionals and experts who intend to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of democratic governance and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa. It offers theoretical foundations, practical knowledge and field experience.

Ambassador Lassen praised the students and professors who enrolled in this programme. Stressing on the need to protect and promote human rights and democracy worldwide, she said: "Now, more than ever, promoting human rights and democracy is essential in addressing the threat of terrorism, the challenges of demography, migration and climate change, and in seizing the opportunity of shared prosperity in the Arab World".

Ambassador Lassen also announced the upcoming EU support to the newly-founded Ministry of State for Human Rights on the establishment of a national coordination mechanism to asses and monitor the implementation of Lebanon's international obligations, as well as the establishment of the National Human Rights Institute and the National Preventive Mechanism.

The EU believes that the Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights will provide a valuable source of expertise in the fields of democratic governance and human rights, and become a pillar for change in the region.


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