Cabinet forms Socio Economic Council and adopts law protecting heritage sites

Thu 12 Oct 2017 at 17:16 Politics
NNA - The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri chaired today at the Grand Serail an ordinary meeting for the Council of Ministers.

After the meeting, Minister of Information Melhem Riachi read the following official information:

"The Council of Ministers held an ordinary meeting at the Grand Seail chaired by Prime Minister Hariri in the absence of Ministers Pierre Abi Assi, Jamal al-Jarrah, Mohamad Kabbara, Yacoub al-Sarraf and Raed Khoury.

Prime Minister Hariri spoke about the Socio-Economic Council and the names of the proposed members were approved by the cabinet.

PM Hariri said: "The stage is economic and we all carry socio-economic concerns. The Council is a place for reflection and dialogue among all segments of society and the political parties should listen to its views. There is an activation for the role of woman and 12 ladies were appointed, that is 17% of the Socio-Economic Council.
The oldest member will call for the election of the bureau, which in turn will elect a President and a vice-president and the government will appoint a director general. We hope that this will be the beginning of a serious and productive cooperation between the working force and the government. The Socio-Economic Council is named by the syndicates and the institutions working within this framework including the workers, trade unions and other councils."

Minister Riachi also said that term of electricity companies "BUS" in Northern Mount Lebanon and the North and "KVA" in Beirut and the Bekaa, was extended till 31-12-2021.
He added that the Socio-Economic Council was approved with the names proposed to the cabinet, as well as the law protecting heritage sites and buildings.

Question: When will the next session be held?
Riachi: The next session will be scheduled in accordance with the budget sessions that will be held next week.

Question: What did Prime Minister Hariri promise you regarding the board of directors of Tele Liban?
Riachi: This file has been at the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for more than three month and I raised the issue with all the details and risks facing those working in the TV, especially since the amounts accumulated and I cannot, as Minister of Information representing the general assembly or the state, sign the disbursements for medication, hospitalization, school grants and others that are essential for the workers. Prime Minister Hariri promised to put the Tele Liban file of the agenda of the next meeting.

Question: It is the first time that appointments have been made outside the Baabda Palace.
Riachi: There was a coordination with president Aoun on this issue.
Question: What about the financing of the Parliamentary elections?
Riachi: This item was endorsed.
Question: What did the electricity companies provide so their term was extended?
Riachi: I prefer that you ask the concerned minister, but these companies are providing essential services otherwise, the cabinet wouldn't have extended their term. The renewal of the term of one company was put on hold for now because it is objecting some issues that have to do with southern Lebanon and southern Mount Lebanon.

Minister Khoury
Minister of Culture Ghattas Khoury said: "The law protecting archeological and heritage buildings is a law that I worked on, just as former ministers did. It is a historic step to protect heritage and archeology in Lebanon. The importance of this law is that it found ways to compensate the owners of heritage buildings so they can benefit from their properties and maintain them. I consider that through this law that will be referred to Parliament we have accomplished a mission long-awaited by the Lebanese people. I will ask the Speaker to help us endorse this law as soon as possible. I also want to tell all those interested in heritage in Lebanon that from now on no heritage building will be removed to be replaced by sky scrapers but these buildings will be preserved in the appropriate way."


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