Aoun adamant legislative elections will take place on time

Thu 12 Oct 2017 at 17:14 Politics
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, pledged on Thursday that the imminent parliamentary elections would take place on time, asserting that "no one enjoyed the power to stop them from happening."

Lifting the nation and putting it on the back on the right track is a collective effort, the President told his Baabda visitors today. He also promised that the lengthily awaited change would be translated by the people's votes in the forthcoming legislative elections.

"The country will witness more of the progress which had begun months ago, en route to social and political stability," the President added.

Welcoming a delegation representing the "Gathering of Political Parties, Political Forces, and National Figures", Aoun referred to his era's achievements within the last ten month.

"The positions that have been expressed in international forums are very important for Lebanon and would hopefully restore its sovereignty and independence," the President said.

"Lebanon has been able to salvage itself since the Israeli aggression back in 2006, when Israel did not aim to occupy Lebanon, but to cause internal strife. The Lebanese have enough awareness and we have surpassed this stage," he explained.

The President went on to say that Lebanon today faced a new reality and was currently under great pressure.

"We will face this pressure with our unity, solidarity, and national will, which have achieved countless victories in the past," he said, promising to remind the people of his era's achievements on yearly basis.

He also refused to have the Lebanese randomly throw blames and accountability at one another.

"It is dangerous for anyone to accuse the other without being held accountable. This will make us lose faith in the accuser and the accused alike. This will also hinder the public opinion from making sane judgments against crime," the President added.

Touching on the Syrian refugee dossier, the President explained that Lebanon's calls for the return of Syrians to their homeland in no way signified expelling them.

"It is necessary to work for their [Syrian refugees] safety in their motherland, especially since Lebanon is no longer able to bear the burden of the continuing Syrian exodus," Aoun explained.

Separately, President Aoun met with Minister of Tourism Awadis Kidanian and the Secretary General of the Tashnag Party, MP Hagop Pakradounian.

The President held a round of talks with his visitors on the current political developments and the positions of political parties on the impending elections, as well as the repercussions of the economic, security and social situation in Lebanon.

The meeting also featured high on administrative appointments, and the rights of the Armenian community.

President Aoun, also had an audience with head of the Health Committee, MP Atef Majdalani.

"Talks with the President focused on the health situation in Lebanon and the legislations that serve citizens best in order to provide advanced healthcare services, under better conditions," Majdalani said.


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