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Thu 21 Sep 2017 at 20:22 Agenda
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Visit schedule of Patriarch of Antioch and the East for Melkite Catholic Greeks, Youssef Al Absi, to al-Qaa region:

12:00 Arrival at St. Elias Church - festive reception, followed by laying a flower wreath at the Martyrs' Monument

- Visit to the Municipality, meeting with martyrs' families and the town's dignitaries

Mass service at St. Elias Church

- Luncheon banquet hosted by MP Marwan Fares at his residence


12:00 Meeting by Supreme Islamic Shari'a Council, headed by Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian, at Dar al-Fatwa, to discuss various Islamic and national affairs

18:00 Mass service in memory of the late Lebanese Monk, El Habis Athanasius Al Saghbini, at St. George Pastoral Church in Saghbine, followed by a book presentation on the history of Saghbine

18:00 Opening ceremony of Abssad Association Center, sponsored by the Association for the Protection of Natural Sites and Old Buildings in Lebanon, to be held at the inner courtyard of the Municipal Palace in Deir al-Qamar

19:00 Reception hosted by Armenian Ambassador Samvil Mekherchian, marking his country's national holiday at the Summerland Hotel in Beirut

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