(UPDATE) IMF mission confirms to President Aoun support for Lebanon's economy

Wed 13 Sep 2017 at 15:55 Politics
NNA - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission to Lebanon, headed by Chris Jarvis, on Wednesday confirmed to President Michel Aoun its support for the country in its new economic policy and anti-corruption movement.

Aoun welcomed Jarvis at Baabda presidential palace today, with talks featuring high on the crises that took a toll on Lebanon's economic situation, namely the world financial crisis, neighboring wars, and the Syrian refugees' issue.

During the meeting, Aoun maintained that "enhancing the production sectors in Lebanon, increasing investments, and fighting corruption constitute the pillars of the economic growth, which Lebanon has espoused years after the adoption of the economic rent policy."

"This measure goes along with an overarching reform plan that includes the laws and regulations, as well as the judicial and administrative jobs. It mainly focuses on auditing the state's revenues and expenditures in order to establish a positive balance," the President explained to his host.

He also reiterated his keenness on securing economic stability in the country.

Jarvis has stressed to Aoun that the IMF was determined to carry on providing support for Lebanon in the financial and economic fields.

He indicated that the meetings he had freshly held with Lebanese officials in Beirut gave him the impression that "Lebanon is a stable and strong country in a turmoil-swept region," and that "the Lebanese management of the economic policy is wise."

Moreover, Jarvis considered that the endorsement of the 2017 state budget would be an important factor in resolving economic issues in Lebanon.

He also said that the IMF regarded "with relief" the anti-corruption plan announced by the President of the republic.

The talks were attended by Head of the Finance and Budget House committee MP Ibrahim Kanaan, Lebanese Central Bank Governor Riyad Salameh, Director General of the President of the Republic Antoine Shoucair, President's advisor Mireille Aoun Hashem, and Director General of the Finance Ministry Alain Bifani.


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