Jarrah announces lifting Lebanon's internet share from 310 to 1920 GB/sec

Wed 13 Sep 2017 at 15:44 Economy
NNA - Minister of Telecommunications, Jamal Al-Jarrah, said in a press conference held at the MoT that Lebanon's internet share will be raised from 310 GB/sec to 1920 GB/sec at no additional cost.

Jarrah said "this is a new achievement for the Ministry of Telecom. As everyone knows, Lebanon is connected via the sea cable "Alexendros" to Cyprus and from there to France, and has already bought a share of nearly 24% of this cable with a 310 GB/sec capacity."

"After four long months of talks, we have been able to raise Lebanon's quota from 310 to 1920 GB/sec with an extension of the term until the year 2034, without any additional cost on Lebanon's treasury," he said, noting that the cost of expanding the equipment that operates these lines will be paid by Cyprus's CYTA Company, and it amounts at about $700,000.

"A memorandum of understanding has been signed to establish a new submarine cable called 'Europe' between Lebanon and Cyprus, to replace the 'Cadmos' cable which is expected to stop functioning in 2019. We will be partners with the Cypriot company in the new line to ensure the continuity of Lebanon's relations with the world," the minister went on.

"With these agreements, we regained the State's rights from the Cypriot company because the basic contract was very unfair, and everything we are doing is aimed at turning Lebanon into a center that serves the region and the Arab countries, what would bring great income onto our country."

"Serious work is underway to turn Lebanon into a major regional center in international communications and Internet," he said.
"A few weeks from now, the fiber optics project will begin, and it is expected to provide an internet speed of at least 50 megawatts for citizens in all regions," Jarrah concluded.


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