Geagea from Zahle: March 14 will continue to exist, being the spirit and project in which we all believe

Sat 12 Aug 2017 at 14:38 Politics

NNA - Lebanese Forces Party Chief Samir Geagea stressed Saturday that March 14th still exists, and will continue to thrive "since it is the spirit and project in which we all believe as Lebanese."

Geagea's words came during his meeting with delegations who visited him at his place of stay at al-Qadri Hotel in Zahle, in presence of Deputies Antoine Bou Khater and Shant Janjanian.

"Some of you wish to revive March 14, but in fact March 14 did not perish at any moment. Yet, like everything in this world, it exists in a different form in wake of the various stages it went through. It is true that it no longer exists as the same organization it used to be during the 2005-2010 period, but as a project it is still present," emphasized Geagea.

He added that every phase has its own circumstances, noting that "the current stage is one of patience and waiting for better things, especially in wake of the regional conditions.

"Therefore, we must be careful to keep Lebanon away from everything going on in the surrounding region," Geagea underscored.

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