Abi Khalil: Leaked tender report incorrect

Thu 27 Jul 2017 at 18:25 Economy
NNA - Minister of Energy and Water, Ceasar Abi Khalil, held a press conference at the Ministry of Energy during which he renewed the commitment to provide electricity to the Lebanese as soon as possible and with full transparency.

"We have found a clear contradiction between the minutes and the report circulating in the media. We informed the Premiership of what happened, and the cabinet's secretariat stated that the file is still being studied in the administration of tenders," he said.

Abi Khalil pointed out that "the report related to the tender of the vessels file completely contradicts the reality," revealing that "the report that was leaked to the press is not correct."

"There are two companies eligible to participate in tenders, while the report says that there is only one qualified company."

"Mistaken are those celebrating the failure of the tender. The process is still on. (...) It is not the first time a tender is redone in order to increase competitiveness," he said.


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