Lebanese Order of Physicians: Reason for Farah Kassab's death is pulmonary embolism

Sat 15 Jul 2017 at 16:59 Law

NNA - The Order of Physicians in Lebanon published on Saturday a report regarding the case of Farah Kassab's death during a liposuction procedure last June at Nader Saab's Clinic, breaking the allegations of a possible fatal medical error.

"The death of Kassab was due to a pulmonary embolism, a medical complication that is likely to occur in 15% of cases," the report said.

"Operations performed by Saab were justified, and the techniques used were medically recognized," the report added.

Referring to Kassab's post-procedure status, the report indicated that the nurse in charge of Kassab's medical file registered her condition as "calm, conscious and hemodynamically stable" at 2:00 p.m. following her medical procedure, only to discover that she had stopped breathing at around 3:00 p.m.

"Saab and the two anesthetists tried to revive the patient but she was already dead when she was rushed to another hospital," the report went on.

In conclusion, the report stated that "Nader Saab's clinic is well-equipped and in conformity with the Ministry of Health's standards."

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