Hariri discusses tourist cooperation with Turkish Ambassador

Mon 19 Jun 2017 at 19:14 Politics

NNA - The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri received today at the Grand Serail a delegation from the Research and Strategic Studies Center in the Lebanese Army, headed by Brigadier General Fadi Abi Farraj, in the presence of Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense, Major General Saadallah Hamad.

After the meeting, Abi Farraj said: "We thanked Prime Minister Hariri for accepting the invitation to attend the 7th Regional Conference where he was represented by Minister Jamal Jarrah. We presented to him today the recommendations and the resolutions adopted at the conference."

Hariri also received the Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon Cagatay Erciyes in the presence of a delegation from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in the Turkish city of Adana, the Head of Hotel Owners Association in Lebanon Pierre Achkar and the Head of the Association of travel and tourism agents Jean Abboud.

After the meeting, the Turkish ambassador said that the meeting was fruitful and discussed ways to develop tourist cooperation between the two countries.

He added that Turkey has become the first tourist destination for Lebanese over the past years with almost 300 000 Lebanese tourists visiting Turkey per year while the number of Turkish tourists visiting Lebanon did not exceed 20 000 per year, which is very small because there are 8 million Turkish tourists who spend annually more than six billion dollars.

He said that as ambassador to Lebanon, he noticed that this country has provided many facilities for Turkish tourists, in addition to the landscape, culture and nature of the Lebanese people.

He added: "Therefore, I think we can raise the number of Turkish tourists in Lebanon to 100 000 tourists annually in a short period of time. We stressed that this plan should be pursued by encouraging cooperation between the travel agencies of the two countries and providing political support and all that is necessary for the success of their work. I asked Prime Minister Hariri to continue his support for our joint project "Commercial Tourism Bridge between Beirut and Adana".

Erciyes added that he conveyed the congratulations of the Turkish government for the adoption of a new electoral law last week, which will lead to a new parliament. He said that he is pleased to see the positive political atmosphere return to Lebanon, and that he emphasized Turkey's firm commitment to the security, stability and prosperity of Lebanon.


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