Lassen from North Lebanon: We seek to help refugees, reduce crisis' impacts on Lebanon

Thu 18 May 2017 at 18:15 Miscellaneous
NNA - North Lebanon Governor, Ramzi Nohra, received on Thursday in Tripoli a delegation of ambassadors of the European Union, chaired by EU Ambassador, Christina Lassen.

The delegation included the ambassadors of the Netherlands, Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Spain, France, Slovenia, Denmark and Sweden.

The diplomats discussed with their host the socio-economic challenges facing the capital of northern Lebanon due to the crisis of Syrian refugees.

Ambassador Lassen said the delegation visited Tripoli to discuss with local officials the needs of the city.
"We realize the importance of launching the economic cycle in this city," she said.

The diplomat noted that the European Union had organized a meeting in Brussels, with the aim of helping Lebanon face the refugees' crisis.

"We are ready to help, but we aspire to have a list of priority projects in order to follow up on them with the concerned parties," she added.

Lassen concluded that the EU acknowledged the difficulties suffered by Lebanon as a result of the refugee crisis, and was trying to help the Syrians and the host communities to reduce the scale of the dilemma on the Lebanese state and citizens.


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