Geagea during Armenian Genocide commemoration: Our strength lies within our credibility

Fri 21 Apr 2017 at 20:27 Politics

NNA - Lebanese Forces commemorated at Maarab on Friday the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, under the patronage of the party's chief, Samir Geagea, under the title "A People's Will, A Tale of Survival."

"Today, we remember the Armenian Genocide simultaneously with the 23rd detention anniversary of the LF leader, the party's dissolution, the repression of an entire people," Geagea said in his word.

"The cause that unite our people is one; Armenians struggled so that Armenia should be free, and so did the Lebanese," he added.

"The strength of the Lebanese Forces does not lie within the number of its ministers or lawmakers, but within its legitimacy and credibility, as well as the within the solid bases it was established upon," he continued.

"The LF did not participate in power after a long absence only to be represented at the government, but to express the concerns of all the Lebanese," he said.

"We do not want our presence in the government to be quantitative but of quality," he corroborated.

"We do not want to practice politics in its stale traditional meaning; we are determined to make all the difference through our approach of and solutions to the pending political, social, and livelihood issues," he underlined.

"We want to give our presence in the government an added value," he stressed.

"For us, politics is about values, ethics, and principles," he said.

"We respect the Armenians because they did not deny their heroes and martyrs," Geagea continued.

The event was attended by Armenian Catholic Patriarch Pedros XX, bishop Shahe Panossian representing Catholicos Aram I Kichichian, in addition to a panel of ministers and lawmakers, as well as Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon Samuel Mkrtchyan.


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