Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fri 21 Apr 2017 at 11:33 Agenda
NNA - Time Topic

11:00 Press conference for Culture minister Ghattas Khoury under title "Towards implementing national strategy for protecting archaeological sites in Lebanon," at Baalbak castle

17:00 Exhibition for Choueiter Group at Forum de Beyrouth

18:30 Mass chaired by Beirut Maronite archbishop Boulos Matar, on Saint Georges day, at Saint Georges cathedral in Beirut’s downtown

18:30 Opening biggest Shawarma roll, under the auspices of Tourism minister Owadis Kidanian, upon an invitation from Myros restaurant, in Jbeil

19:00 Appreciation event for Abdel Halim Karakalla, under the auspices of PM Saad Hariri, at Sursock museum in Beirut

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