Mashnouk confirms 'not in confrontation with Aoun'

Wed 08 Feb 2017 at 21:13 Politics
NNA - Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad Mashnouk, on Wednesday confirmed keenness on the Lebanese presidency post, especially in its capacity as a substantial guarantor of national stability.

"It's a big mistake to place me in a confrontation with President of the Republic Michel Aoun," he added in an interview with OTV.

Responding to a question about his request to have the president go over his stances on the electoral law, and about his insinuations that the current agreements were tantamount to a coup against Taef agreement and political stability, Mashnouk expressed hope that his words would be interpreted meticulously.

"This request emanates from my keenness on the success of the Lebanese presidency. My words should not be translated in a way where I'd be depicted in a confrontational position," Mashnouk said, reiterating support to Aoun.

"President Aoun is part and parcel of a full agreement (...) I don't want the president to be harmed by dialogue shrapnels," he added.

Moreover, Mashnouk denied having accused the "Christian pair" of having an "abolishment mentality", saying that he didn't mean the Christian pair when he said this, but another political side that he preferred not to mention.


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