Fenianos: We took measures to prevent birds from being in vicinity of airport

Thu 12 Jan 2017 at 21:41 Politics
NNA - The meeting which was held at the Grand Serail chaired by PM Saad Hairri to follow up on the measures aimed at protecting the airport's flight safety has ended.

"Measures have been taken by the ministries of Public works, Environment and Health to prevent birds from being in the vicinity of the airport. Also measures have been taken related to the encroachments on the estuary of the Ghadir River and we will address each case individually," Public works and Transportation, Youssef Fenianos said following the meeting.

He pointed that large holes at the airport's tarmacs that were collecting water have been filled, adding "the issue of poultry around the airport will be addressed".

The minister added that they have hired experts who have proposed a number of ideas to protect planes from birds.

"New machines have been set to keep the birds away, but they are not enough," Fenianos concluded.


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