CDR: Costa Brava dump does not attract birds

Thu 12 Jan 2017 at 14:56 Economy

NNA - The Council for Development and Reconstruction issued on Thursday a statement denying that Costa Brava landfill for solid waste is attracting birds and posing a danger to the civil aviation airport.

A judge ordered the temporary shutdown of the landfill located at close proximity to Rafik Hariri International Airport. The shutdown was ordered due to the hazard that birds attracted to the dump were casting on aviation.

The statement argued that the existence of birds within the airport's vicinity was a chronic problem for many factors, such as the Ghadeer riverbed which has morphed into an open sewer where all kinds of trash were thrown into; Ghadeer estuary at a close distance to the western runway; and bushy area near the airport, among other elements that attracted birds.

The statement went on to say that the matter of attracting birds was taken into consideration during the construction of the landfill; moreover, measures were taken to further repel birds, such as covering the waste with soil, and equipping the place with sonic machines to scare off birds.

SOCOTEC Group was tasked with preparing a report on proposed solutions to repel birds. A French expert was called in and he made an onsite examination of the landfill, airport facilities and surrounding areas.

The expert concluded that matters other than shutting down the landfill needed attending to in order to stop the bird hazard.

The CDR would present this report to concerned parties for further measures to be taken accordingly.


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