Siniora: Hezbollah parade in Qusayr 'painful' blow to government formation process

Fri 18 Nov 2016 at 20:22 Politics

NNA - Head of Future parliamentary bloc, MP Fouad Siniora, deprecated on Friday the recent military parade held by Hezbollah in Syria's al-Qusayr as a "painful" blow dealt to the formation process of Lebanon's new government.

"The parade only indicates Hezbollah's underestimation of the Lebanese state. It also addresses messages to Syria and to all the parties concerned with the Syrian situation," Siniora told an interview on al-Arabiya channel.

"Hezbollah's concern is now meddling into the affairs of Arab states more than anything else," he considered.

"The role Hezbollah used to play is no more the same, in reference to fighting Israel. It became concerned with intervening in and tampering with the Lebanese affairs," he added, renewing condemnation of Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian war.

Moreover, Siniora saw that the parade showed as if the party was reassured Israel would not attack it.

"We hope that the formation of the new government would be completed soon in order to contain the risks likely to emerge from any delay," he said.

"A swift government formation is the means to alleviate likely risks; we see that what Hezbollah did lacked wisdom and caused damage," he concluded.


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