Mikati and Karami voice support for Sleiman Frangieh

Sat 29 Oct 2016 at 18:22 Politics
NNA - Former PM Najib Mikati held a meeting on Saturday with MP Ahmad Karami followed by a statement endorsing the candidacy of Sleiman Frangieh.

"We will attend the electoral session and cast blank votes in adherence with the wishes of our candidate and friend Sleiman Frangieh," read the statement.

In a chat with the press, Mikati explained that his position from presidential candidate MP Michel Aoun stemmed from past experiences with the latter, which were characterized by adversarial approaches.

"This intensified our fears of the upcoming phase which is teeming with dangers and challenges…but we hope that the latest stances announced by Aoun towards all Lebanese strata were born out of conviction, and not just momentary stops along the road of presidential elections."

Mikati noted that if Aoun were to be elected, he would behave with him on the basis democracy and national convictions.


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