Azzi to announce comprehensive plan for repatriation of Syrian refugees

Mon 19 Sep 2016 at 13:16 Politics
NNA - Minister of Labor, Sejaan Azzi, said Monday that he will be announcing a comprehensive plan in January, for the repatriation of Syrian refugees.

During a press conference held on Monday, Azzi said the Lebanese, the Syrian and the Palestinian peoples were all in search of their entity and their sense of stability.

"To avoid an obscure experience, we must make clear decisions. We do not want emotions, but rather a project to repatriate the Syrian refugees, so that both peoples could preserve their countries," he explained.

Azzi said the return of refugees to their country was required to redefine the essence of the conflict in that country.
"National identity is threatened with change, as the Lebanese entity is at risk. Therefore, the return of the Syrians to Syria is a necessity," he went on.

The minister said the implementation of the plan which will be announced in January 2017, will extend along two years, calling upon donors to cover the cost.


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