Gemayel meets Sleiman in Yarzeh: Pact isn't a selective matter

Tue 13 Sep 2016 at 16:29 Politics
Sleiman: Will raise voice against Charter, Constitution distortion

NNA - Former President, Michel Sleiman, met on Tuesday at his Residence in Yarzeh with former President, Amine Gemayel, with discussions focusing on the crises and threats resulting from presidential vacuum, the intensity of the Syrian influx to Lebanon in addition to the fear of resettlement, the Pact and the Constitution, and the electoral deadline in the wake of Presidential absence.

After the meeting Former President Gemayel highlighted the importance of his meeting with Sleiman in the wake of the critical period that the country was passing through.

Gemayel noted that "the Pact is the reason of Lebanon's existence and can't be a selective matter;" he added that "Lebanese sovereignty is a key element of the Charter."

He criticized Deputies for delaying Presidential elections while they got distracted by doing other things.

In turn, former President Michel Sleiman congratulated the Lebanese on Adha holiday, although the political climate in the country remained uncertain. He voiced concern that in the midst of obstacles, certain political sides were threatening of bringing down the regime "tumbling over everyone's head."

"It was necessary to deliberate with President Gemayel and focus on three matters: first, the pact is not a selective issue. Kataeb party withdrew from the Cabinet but did not say that the Cabinet has fallen...and did not say that the pact has fallen," noted Sleiman, adding that enacting upon the pact began with the election of a president.

Sleiman went on to say that the other two focal points were the proper representation of Christians, which could happen through agreement on a new electoral law; and the issue of displaced Syrians.

"We have a dilemma over the electoral law. There is a team that refuses proportionality, and another team that refuses the individual electoral district. The only solution is to go back to Baabda Declaration by dissociating Lebanon and for everyone to agree on a defence strategy the soonest possible. This reassures the team that is worried about holding elections in the shadow of arms."

The third focal point of Sleiman's speech was that of displaced Syrians.

"The world and the international community do not respect Lebanon. We speak of resettlement and its grave dangers, but what have we done to prevent it? Nothing, other than whining and threatening."

The former President urged for the election of a president, in order to reconfigure Constitutional authorities.

"The voice of righteousness should not go silent while voices that tarnish facts about the Constitution and the pact get louder."


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