Geagea: It's a shame cabinet doesn't take action over Taqwa, Salam Mosque's crime

Tue 06 Sep 2016 at 12:32 Politics

NNA - Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea reiterated on Tuesday in a statement that "the crime of Taqwa and Salam Mosques in Tripoli is exceptional; it is a terrorist act par excellence which claimed the lives of more than 50 innocent worshipers and wounded hundreds," considering it a shame that the Lebanese government did not act in response to such a grave terrorist act.

"The least that the cabinet should do is to ask the Syrian authorities to immediately hand in the two Syrian officers in the Syrian intelligence forces, who planned and supervised the blast and whose names are mentioned in the indictment after intensive investigations for three years," Geagea said.

He concluded, "If the Syrian cabinet refused to hand in the two officers, the Lebanese cabinet should expel the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon and call back the Lebanese Ambassador from Damascus to Lebanon and then after file a complaint to the UN Council against Bashar Al-Assad in accordance with observed laws."


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