Pakradounian: No landfill in Bourj Hammoud from now on

Wed 31 Aug 2016 at 14:33 Economy
NNA - MP Hagop Pakradounian said on Wednesday "from now on, there will be no landfill in Bourj Hammoud and each municipality is responsible for its own trash."

His words came during a press conference whereby he said that Bourj Hammoud was dear to his heart and "we will not allow the infliction of additional suffering."

"They suggested, within the ministerial plan, to throw garbage in Bourj Hammoud. We proposed a solution provided that the project is interim," Pakradounian added.

"We endured trash accumulation, and Tachnag party took pain to facilitate the government's task, but now we heard that Bourj Hammoud must fend for itself," he concluded.


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