(*) Nasrallah: Committed to supporting Aoun for Presidency, Berri is our sole candidate for Parliament, Open to Premiership issue following Presidential elections

Sat 13 Aug 2016 at 20:26 Politics
NNA - Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, voiced his Party's commitment to supporting General Michel Aoun for Presidency, adding that "House Speaker Nabih Berri, our long term partner, is our only candidate for heading the Parliament Council," while expressing "openness" with regards to the Premiership issue after the Presidential elections.

Nasrallah's words came during the commemoration event held in Bint Jbeil on Saturday, marking 10 years since the Resistance's victory over the Israeli enemy.

Recalling the events of the July 2006 war, the Resistance's victory and the Israeli defeat, Nasrallah stressed that "this important achievement has set new boundaries and a historical turning point by hitting the Israeli enemy in spirit with regards to its reassurance of survival power in the region."

He stressed that "security has been prevailing in Lebanon over the past 10 years as a result of the imposed limits set by the Resistance and its victory and steadfastness."

Assessing the general situation in Lebanon, Nasrallah considered that "everyone is currently awaiting the developments in the region, even though all givings actually exist here," he noted.

"The dialogue table shall continue," Nasrallah underscored, while highlighting the need for the government to "assume its responsibilities and work via its prerogatives." He held the "political decision" in the country responsible for stalling the oil extraction dossier.

On the other hand, and while accusing the United States of working to "group extremists and armed militants through Arab funding," Nasrallah considered that "Daesh is now approaching its end since Obama wishes to terminate its existence, a manipulative card in the American elections to ensure the Democratic Party's victory," he added.

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