Dialogue interlocutors: Committees, workshops to elect president, create senate and decentralization

Thu 04 Aug 2016 at 15:56 Politics
NNA - Speaker Nabih Berri chaired on Thursday the national dialogue's third meeting at Ain el-Tineh.

Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati after the meeting ended said "the session was a continuation of the previous sessions. Discussions focused on the prerogatives of the senate and the parliamentary electoral law".

Deputy Talal Arslan said: "from today till September 5 there will be consultations among all the dialogue participants," pointing out to workshops to reassure the Lebanese in several files including the election of a president, creation of a senate and decentralization.

MP Ghazi Aridi represented Deputy Walid Jumblatt stressed that "the dialogue is not a waste of time. It is a major issue. An alternative is a boycott and vacuum".

For his part, Kataeb party leader MP Sami Gemayel said "our presence at the dialogue table is to defend the Constitution and to demand the election of a president".

He added that "studying the reforms usually happens in the parliament not in any other place. Postponing discussions on a new electoral system until the creation of senate is approved is an extension of the political vacuum".

FPM leader, Minister Gebran Bassil said "we support a law which is clear and adopts a single standard".

The interlocutors will meet again on September 5 to complete the discussions.


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