Siniora contacts Bonne over France church attack

Wed 27 Jul 2016 at 17:49 Politics

NNA - "Future" bloc head, former Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, on Wednesday contacted by phone French Ambassador to Lebanon, Emmanuel Bonne, to offer condolences on the victims of the terrorist crime that occurred at a Church in the city of Rouen in Normandy region, northwest France, which claimed the life of Priest Jacques Hamel, and the wounding of two nuns.

Siniora expressed in his name and on behalf of Future bloc "indignation and fervent condemnation of such a barbaric criminal act, carried out by a terrorist criminal who was not deterred by any religious or moral value, surpassing in terrorist crime all tolerable limits.

"What happened is an attack on Muslims and Christians alike, and tantamount to a crime against all humanity, because the criminal suspect has deliberately attempted to distort the image of Islam and Muslims trying to link it to extremism and terrorism," Siniora remarked, whereas Islam fervently reject such unallowable blemishes.

Siniora underlined "the need for action to deal with these criminal acts and criminals," calling for enhancing cooperation among nations in countering these extremists and terrorists.

Siniora urged return to the language of openness, tolerance, and all actions that would bring people together rather than splitting them apart.

"Attacks on houses of worship is a categorically rejected matter by Islam and Muslims," Siniora said, underscoring the need for unifying efforts by Muslim and Christian moderates in countering these criminals and putting terms to their atrocious attacks.

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