Hariri in Sidon to congratulate the winning list: The new council will work for the citys future

Mon 23 May 2016 at 12:13 Politics
NNA - Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri visited Sidon last night where he shared its people the joy of the victory of "Sidons Development" list led by current head of the municipality Mohammad al-Saudi, with the start of the release of the preliminary results.

Answering questions of journalists, Premier Hariri said: "We congratulate Sidon on these democratic elections, which we are proud of. We are confident that the list supported by Premier Fouad Siniora and my aunt MP Bahia Hariri will win. Results will come out soon and Sidons council will work for the citys future and we will see Sidon as Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri wanted it to be."

He added: "This visit is short, next time I will come to meet with everyone at my aunts residence."

Hariri praised the democratic spirit in Sidon, and said: "We hope the results will be for the interest of Mohammad al-Saudis list. My aunt Bahia, Premier Fouad Siniora, Abdul Rahman al-Bizri, al-Jamaa al-Islamiya and all of us worked together for the development of Sidon and this is what concerns its people.

Since day one it was clear that some political forces did not want the municipal elections to take place, while all the steps taken by Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk, in coordination with us, were to urge all political parties to hold these elections and this is what we are seeing today."

Hariri also said: "We tell Martyr Premier Rafic Hariri: this is Sidon that loved you and Lebanon that loved you, from Beirut to Tripoli. Sidon is always loyal and proud. The sons of Sidon carry Rafic Hariri in their hearts and the project of Rafic Hariri will revive Lebanon."


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