OGERO rebuffs accusations over illegal internet network

Thu 07 Apr 2016 at 14:12 Economy
NNA - OGERO media office denounced in a statement on Thursday "the desperate attempts by some media to depict its Director General, Abdel Menhem Youssef and several of its executives and employees as involved in the case of illegal Internet networks," in spite of the role played by OGERO in launching the scandal.

The statement said "OGERO and its CEO have nothing to do with private Internet companies, whether in Lebanon or abroad (...) and all allegations that say otherwise are wrong, and aim at diverting the attention from serious conduct by certain outlaws."

"Those behind illegal internet networks are the source of these allegations and are seeking to undermine OGERO by questioning its credibility because of the reports that have been drafted and adopted by the Ministry of telecommunications in its complaint," the statement read.

OGERO then said its relations, and those of the Department of Telecommunications, with private Internet companies were "purely administrative and transparent", calling on all those who have evidence on the truthfulness of claims to resort to justice.


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