Karami: We must choose between civil war and the unknown

Fri 22 Feb 2013 at 21:34 Politics
NNA - Youth and Sports Minister Faysal Karami inagurated Friday an indoor sports hall in Mina region of Tripoli, and made a speech touching on shaky security situation in the northern city, and the much debated electoral law, contending that the solution was either to adopt the Orthodox plan, which leads to the unknown, or to go to civil war.

The Orthodox plan, which states that each sect elects its own representatives, may not be the worst option in a pool of bad options, according to the Minister.

"A major party wants to snatch House majority via unconstitutional and unfair laws," said Karami, who blamed the opposition for pushing the country towards the Orthodox plan.

"The persistence of others in their intransigence will lead us to the adoption of the Orthodox plan, which postpones collapse, while other proposed laws are equivalent to an immediate declaration of civil war."

Concerning the security situation in Tripoli and Lebanon at large, Karami lamented the attempts of certain parties to drag Lebanon away from self-dissociation policy and into the abyss of regional and international conflict.

"All Lebanon can do is fortify itself and its national unity and prepare to repel the inevitable storm which is approaching and immediately go to a broad national dialogue conference, which we have always called for."


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