Yazbek: Lebanon craves debate, understanding and collaboration

Sat 05 Mar 2016 at 14:04 Politics

NNA - Lebanon craves debate, understanding and collaboration between various protagonists, special Khomeini' representative to Hezbollah cleric Muhammad Yazbek, told 105 party girls attaining the age of puberty at al-Mahdi school in Baalbek today.

For you girls, becoming of age, actually pave the way for the appearance of the Mahdi or Messiah bound to bring about justice to a world replete with vice and oppression, cleric Yazbek added. Your school testifies to our unshaken bonds with Allah the Almighty One along with all the flood of blood sacrifices spilled in by our party in the oppressor's face, Yazbek added; Yes we had terrorized the enemies of Allah and this so-called "terrorism is a medal we proudly sport on our breast, the cleric exclaimed. We terrorized Israel into leaving Lebanon for good and, our mujahedeen who cherished that victory have all the reasons to appreciate the true meaning of liberty, he went on.

Having been defeated by our party in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, deeply disappointed Wahhabi House of Saud, like the Zionists and Great Satan before them have stigmatized us with terrorism but helas, for the fires of sectarian strife kindled by them have only served to burn them, he exclaimed.

As we tread the right path, we shall never accept other than non-American Islamist schools and all divisive misinterpretation of the Faith pitting Muslim against Muslim shall be utterly unaccepted to our party, cleric Yazbek concluded.


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