Hariri: Hezbollah's practices in Yemen led to GCC decision

Wed 02 Mar 2016 at 22:31 Politics

NNA - Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that what drove the Gulf Cooperation Council to consider "Hezbollah" a terrorist organization are its practices in Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the world. He said: "Rather than being with the Arab consensus, the party is seeking to breach this consensus against the interest of Lebanon, and then we hear the high pitched speeches that justify these practices".

Hariri asked why do some young Lebanese interfere in these countries? We are against the interventions of Hezbollah in any state, because it is not greater than its country. These questions require a clear answer from "Hezbollah".
Premier Hariri was speaking during a meeting this evening at the "Center House" with a delegation from the Beirut coordinators of the "Future Movement", in the presence of Beirut MPs.

Prime Hariri discussed the political situation and said: "72 deputies went to parliament today, but there are others who do not want to elect a new president and boycotted the session. If they had come to the session we would have elected a new president, ended this problem and began a new political stage in Lebanon".

Hariri wondered: "I do not know why they do not want to elect a president now. Are they waiting for a solution from abroad? In the end, we will elect a president. We took several initiatives to elect a President, most recently with MP Suleiman Franjieh, to end the vacancy that is causing a lot of harm to Lebanon, and we will continue. In my opinion, the key to a solution to the political crisis is to fill the void".

Hariri reiterated his commitment to continue the dialogue with "Hezbollah" and said: "the dialogue alleviates the congestion, calms things and presents the views of the parties to resolve the problems. We will continue with the logic of dialogue despite everything. If the other group wants to participate in wars in Yemen, Syria and elsewhere, let it bear the responsibility of the repercussions".

He added: "Our duty is to protect Lebanon, regardless of what is going on in the neighborhood and in Syria in particular. We are with the Syrian people's revolution, and its struggle to achieve its aspirations and objectives in building a democratic state. But we have to protect Lebanon. It is true that there is a severe political congestion, but in the end, we must solve the problems of the country. Unfortunately, throughout the continuous phase of the presidential vacancy, some did not pay attention to the suffering of the Lebanese citizen, whether in Beirut or other regions, as well as to his essential need for services, electricity, water and solving the garbage problem.

We must put aside the political differences and give attention to the demands and problems of the people in order to save the country and the economy".

The Beirut coordinator in the "Future Movement" Bashir Itani emphasized at the beginning of the meeting the importance of the presence of premier Hariri in the country because it reassures the Lebanese people.


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