Sleiman from Tripoli: Boycotting presidential electoral sessions implies defying the Constitution

Sat 27 Feb 2016 at 19:30 Politics
NNA - Former President Michel Sleiman considered Saturday that "boycotting of the Parliament's presidential electoral sessions denotes turning against the Constitution," adding that "if two thirds quorum shall deprive us of presidency, then let it be half plus one quorum instead."

He stressed on the "grave need for electing a new president in wake of the huge challenges and deadlines surrounding Lebanon."

"We are living this day in a very unstable world almost approaching a third world war, as a result of terrorism and the growing rates of poverty and unemployment," Sleiman added, noting that "for this reason a Global Summit is expected in Istanbul upcoming May 25th to look into ways of rescuing the situation and solving various crisis at stake."

He highlighted herein the importance of balanced economic development, based on three main pillars, namely the State's political structural platform, wise administration and strong, capable government.

Sleiman's words came during his inauguration of the Conference on "Challenges and Development Opportunities" in Tripoli, organized by the Engineering Syndicate, with former PM Najib Mikati, Deputy Samir Jisr, former Cabinet Ministers Rayya Hasan, Demianos Qattar, Ncoula Nahhas, Tarek Mitri, Selim Sayegh, Khaled Qabbani, Elie Marouni, Nazem Khoury, and a number of prominent dignitaries attending.

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